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What is naprapathy?

Naprapathy is a form of manual therapy. In naprapathy painful and symptomatic areas are treated manually with hands using different kind of effective techniques. Naprapathic treatment is usually very relaxing and releases the symptoms like pain and stiffness effectively. Naprapathic techniques are also very safe if done by a professional. Manual treatment techniques that are used in naprapathy are for example different kinds of joint adjustments like mobilization and manipulation. Mobilization is a soft technique that aims to relieve pain and improve joint mobility. Manipulation is a similar technique to mobilization. The only difference is that during manipulation you might here a cracking sound from the joint. The crack is pain free and often feels very pleasant. Different kinds of soft tissue mobilization techniques are also used in naprapathy. Examples include massage and muscle energy technique. The aim is to relieve pain and stiffness and also to improve blood circulation and normalize the tissues metabolic state.

Why I should try naprapathy?

A naprapath is an educated professional of musculoskeletal problems and diseases. Many people have found naprapathy helpful in conditions like lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain and also knee or hip problems. Naprapathy is an effective form of treatment to different problems in the body. In scientific studies naprapathy has been proven to be effective for example in the treatment of back and neck area.

There’s a wide variety of things that can be treated in naprapathy. If you suffer from headaches, tension neck or dizziness a naprapath can often help. Numbness or pins and needles in the hands or the feet? Tennis elbow or golfers elbow? Pain in the hip joint or knee? Muscular problems like strains or sprains? Naprapaths practice is the right place to sort out these problems and to receive professional support for rehabilitation.

The course of treatment

When you come to a naprapaths practice the first thing usually is to fill out an initial information form. In the form you are asked for example about the symptoms, pain intensity, general health and training habits. On the first appointment the naprapath interviews you and makes an overall picture of the situation while asking questions to end up on the right diagnosis. After the interview the naprapath performs a clinical examination on the symptomatic area. The naprapath checks the joint mobility, the soft tissues on the symptomatic area (muscles) and also the function of the nervous system by using orthopedic clinical tests. The aim is to find the cause behind the pain and symptoms.

After the initial examination the naprapath has a diagnosis. On this base the naprapath starts to treat the symptomatic area. In addition to the manual treatment the naprapath might prescribe you some physical exercises for home and also give some advice for an effective recovery. In most cases great improvement is seen in the course of three to five naprapathic appointments. So don’t hesitate to make an appointment to a naprapath if you suffer from pain of stiffness somewhere in your body.