Powerful Sports Massage in the heart of Helsinki

Choose which one of the Hieroses sports massagists suits you the best

Sports massage is a form of treatment for soft tissue injuries. It can also be useful for helping to prevent muscular injuries.

Sports massage uses a number of varying techniques to isolate specific muscle groups and relieve pain or tightness from those areas.

Sport massage (30 min) 32 €
Sport massage (45 min) 44 €
Sport massage (60 min) 52 €
Sport massage (90 min) 70 €
Heikki’s Sport massage (60 min) 65 €
5×30 min Sport massage card 152 €
5×45 min Sport massage card 209 €
5×60 min Sport massage card 247 €
5×90 min Sport massage card 308 €

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Aslak Goncalves

Sport massage

Juha Hanninen

Sport massage

Laura Vierimaa

Sport massage & osteopathy student

Pyry Kumpulainen


Heikki Pirhonen

Sport massage & osteopathy